Sales Order Management by DELMIAWorks

A Manufacturing Traceability and Tracking Software System for a More Efficient Quote to Order Process


A Comprehensive Solution for Sales Order Management
Every organization wishes to act as fast as possible when a sales quote has been confirmed, moving that order into production to meet completion deadlines on time. Move beyond a simple order management system with DELMIAWorks Sales Order Management, providing users access to information like production information, inventory, and many more with just one click.


Ensure Customer Satisfaction with Enhanced Order Management

Ensure continued customer satisfaction, account receivable validation an quality control with access to returns, warranty information, quality warnings, billing history, and more.

More Efficient Quote to Order Process

DELMIAWorks Sales Order Management is designed to allow users to create and manage sales order from a single screen and instant access to the DELMIAWorks manufacturing software modules.

  • Users can access production information, inventory status, previous shipments, capable to promise, and change order details easily.
  • The quote to order process becomes more efficient with instant conversion of quotes to sales orders, whether entered internally or externally via the web.
  • Without needing to re-key quote informations, the quote to order process becomes more efficient with reduced data entry errors.

Greater Visibility of Manufacturing Order Details

Go beyond a simple order entry system with DELMIAWorks Sales Order Management

  • Link directly from the sales order to the actual cost source like the project, PLM, preventativev maintenance, etc.
  • Ensure continued customer satisfaction, account receivable validation an quality control with access to returns, warranty information, quality warnings, billing history, and more.
  • Quick and easy order entry completed with pull down menus and previous order history. Including: ship-to, bill-to, pricing/quantity discounts, and many more.

Comprehesive Solution

DELMIAWorks Sales Order Management has more solutions than you can imagine, including:

  • Built in Available-To-Promise (ATP) and Capable-To-Promise (CTP) feature that analyzes both open orders and inventory when building work orders, ensuring only parts required (as indicated on the quotation) are produced.
  • Cumulative or blanket release management to support different stringent industry requirements like automotive, medical, and others. This includes cumulative release and R.A.N./Kanban number tracking.
  • The EDI functionality makes importing of sales orders and automatic releases possible, or even flagged according to user-defined flexibility rules to accommodate to different organization unique processes.
robotic pneumatic piston unit on industrial machine


Stay On Top Of Your Game

Increased Efficiency
Reduces costs, optimizes scheduling, automates order processing and purchasing, and provides powerful data to empower informed business decisions.
Enhanced Visibility
Provide complete visibility and control from receiving to shipping, enabling warehouse and shop floor optimization to identify and eliminate waste.
Improved Customer Service
Provides instant access to customer details and orders over the phone or internet to strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction by responding quickly to requests.


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Sales Order Management by DELMIAWorks

A Manufacturing Traceability and Tracking Software System for a More Efficient Quote to Order Process.

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Sales Order Management by DELMIAWorks

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