Collaborative Industry Innovator

Manage and collaborate on multi-CAD data in real time securely in a single environment on cloud.


Cloud-based Data Management that Accelerates Your Design
The Collaborative Industry Innovator role provides essential tools and apps for you to manage and collaborate on any type of design or document on the cloud, securely connecting all stakeholders during every phase of the product lifecycle with browser-based product data and lifecycle management tools.


Data-driven Design with Actionable Insights

The Collaborative Industry Innovator 3DEXPERIENCE Role is a scalable online environment that provides engineering teams essential apps for managing product design with real-time, secured, and structured collaboration on product content.

Key Features Keep Data and Innovation Flowing

Easy-to-use features that keeps innovation and information flowing in your organization.

  • Cloud-based Apps in a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible on any web browser without installation.
  • Data-driven design that is managed online with access to latest, most up-to-date information.
  • Collaborative reviews in 2D and 3D with design feedback communicated effectively through design markups.
  • Compare product designs and structures to identify differences between models or revisions.

Data Management Made Simple

Capabilities that streamline your workflow unlike complicated PDM systems.

  • Collaboration and data management features to access, modify, or share up-to-date design data.
  • Create, assign, share, and manage collaborative task with task management features.
  • Capture and document issues on the 3D design with 3D Issue Management features to identify and resolve issues quicker.

Boost Productivity Company-Wide

Enhance decision-making to reach design maturity faster.

  • Leverage real-time data and make informed decisions to bring continuity to business processes.
  • Stay competitive by keeping your skills and tools up-to-date.
  • Concurrent design across disciplines and CAD applications that maximizes contributions from everyone.
  • Seamless integration between design roles in 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio to fit your needs.


Stay On Top Of Your Game

Just a Click Away
Data right at your fingertips that can be accessed anywhere through a browser with internet connection whenever you need it.
Multi-CAD Support
Seamless integration with other roles in 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, SOLIDWORKS Desktop, and third-part MCAD applications.
Low Maintenance
Active your account to enjoy the benefits of fully-browser-based cloud solution including IT savings and automatic software updates.


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Collaborative Industry Innovator

Manage and collaboration on multi-CAD data in real time securely in a single environment on cloud.


Easily store, access, and share data in one location to take control of your design data and workflow.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Portfolio is the Next Level of SOLIDWORKS

Regardless of the design made, designers and engineers need the best tools and solutions to develop the next great high-quality products. When people have real-time access to the right tools and information, businesses can advance collaboration, increase productivity and see innovation propel.

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  • Collaborative Industry Innovator
and more..

Governance and Data Management

Enhance product development through data in a secure space to collaborate, iterate, and innovate with real-time data, accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Collaborative Industry Innovator

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