Design and Engineer the Future

Redesigning your Products and Processes with Powerful Engineering Solutions.


Employ Experience Thinking in Product Design and Engineering
As the industry evolves, the demand for better performing, quality products increases exponentially as product development becomes more and more complex. Design and engineering begins with using modeling tools that provide insights while demonstrate product quality and performance early in the development process.


Design & Engineering in the Age of Experience

We offer world-leading tools and solutions that help designers and engineers develop high-quality products regardless of what you are creating, bring that product to market and fulfill customer demands.


Witness the way you develop and manufacture products improve exponentially with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

  • The foundation of the entire SOLIDWORKS suite of solutions that builts up everything you know about SOLIDWORKS.
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD packages offer a multitude of features covering design, simulation, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, and much more.
  • New SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses include subscription with Cloud Services, connecting to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with new capabilities.


3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS takes in the intuitive and robust 3D design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS combined with data management, conceptual design with subdivision modeling.

  • Connect the right people to the right tools on a single unified platform where everyone can involve in any part of the process.
  • Visibility that allows you to see real-time information to make better decisions and faster.
  • Still the SOLIDWORKS you know and love, but this time with a twist that connects it with cloud.


The next generation of design tools that combines proven design and collaborative features

  • Allows you and your stakeholders to work together anywhere, anytime, on any device through a web browser.
  • Reduce IT overhead costs while invest into tools that can scale alongside your company.
  • Proven design and collaboration tools that improves your team's productivity exponentially.


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An intuitive and robust set of desktop 3D design tools matched with cloud data management, conceptual design with subdivision modeling


The next generation of SOLIDWORKS that saves and manages your CAD data in the cloud, with integrated PLM functionality to easily collaborate with other 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS users.


3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight connects DraftSight 2D CAD to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a single cloud-based product development environment to make drawings and project information accessible to your team, anytime, anywhere, on the cloud.

3D Sculptor

Unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere with the 3D Sculptor role within 3DEXPERIENCE. Craft, review, and refine intricate shapes seamlessly, turning inspiration into reality on any connected device.


Simplify your electrical product design via SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions with the specific tools designed for the engineering discipline along with the intuitive interfaces to allow embedded electrical systems to be designed faster.


Design with freedom with a browser-based, 3D design and lifecycle management solution to elevate your business.


Enhance your design process and deliver even greater designs with combined capabilities of 2D Drafting and 3D modeling.

Design and Engineer the Future

Redesigning your Products and Processes with Powerful Engineering Solutions.


The proven SOLIDWORKS Solution is a powerful yet easy-to-learn product design tools that accelerates your product development process, a staple for engineers worldwide to turn innovative ideas into exceptional product designs.


Design and Engineer the Future

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