Repurpose existing 3D models with ease to quickly create and update high-quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design.


Create Technical Documentation along with Product Development
With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can quickly create and update high-quality graphic assets that are entirely pertinent to your 3D design by reusing existing 3D design data. To streamline processes and shorten the time to market, produce technical documentation concurrently with product development.


Leverage 3D CAD Data to Create Dynamic Graphical Content

Add innovation to your technical communication

Enhance product communication and marketing collateral

With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Detailed views.
  • Exploded views.
  • High-resolution images.
  • Technical illustrations.
  • Interactive animations.
  • Interactive bills of materials and parts lists.

Compete for more business

The right product graphics can mean the difference between making or missing the mark in key sales situations.

  • Create more lifelike visuals and eliminate the need for physical prototypes in creating product marketing materials.
  • Demonstrate products more effectively with interactive storyboards.
  • Highlight key differentiators with detailed views, glow effects, and transparent components.

Get products to market faster

Help reduce errors and ensure that deliverables get to market faster.

  • Start documentation earlier in the design process, and update it faster when design changes occur.
  • Add interactive graphics to training materials.
  • Create high-resolution, shaded renderings with a three dimensional appearance for presentations and brochures.


Stay On Top Of Your Game

Easy to keep up-to-date
Any changes you make to the CAD models in your deliverables for technical communication will be automatically updated
Clear product documentation
Advertise your products with detailed full-color graphics and engaging 3D animations made from 3D CAD data
icon-051-3d-parts copie
No CAD Knowledge Required
Simple and intuitive user interface


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Repurpose existing 3D models with ease to quickly create and update high-quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design.


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