Structural Mechanics Engineer

Cloud-based simulation and high-performance computing with Abaqus solvers to solve your complex static and dynamic problems.


Advanced Simulations Done on Cloud
Structural Mechanics Engineer is a simulation role that features Abaqus technology, leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) on 3DEXPERIENCE platform to run both simple and complex non-linear structural simulations on cloud, with data safely stored and easily accessible.


Comprehensive Structural Integrity Assessment

Assess structural integrity of products with powerful FEA simulation, covering statics, implicit and explicit dynamics, acoustics across a broad range of industrial applications.

Solve Complex Engineering Problems with Confidence

Tackle larger and more complex structures with embedded Abaqus technology.

  • Conduct simulations including structural linear and non-linear static, low and high-speed dynamic, thermal, and internal acoustic.
  • Solve non-linear dynamic problems like impact or drop test, post-buckling, and even random vibrations.
  • Handle coupling of multiple non-linearity effects, complex contact with assemblies regardless of size.
  • Design exploration with SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE parameters to help you find the best design based on performance objectives.
Structural Mechanics Engineer Simulation

Explore a Wide Range of Materials

Ensure relevant material model selection and accurate behavioral modeling with material options and material calibration capabilities.

  • Material Calibration capabilities to calibrate model behavior with test data and achieve realistic results.
  • Define right behavior including non-linear properties such as hyper-elasticity and plasticity by using the material library.
  • Utilize material rendering to create stunning visuals.
Structural Mechanics Engineer Materials

Stay Productive with Time-Saving Tools

Tools that help you get started fast and ensure efficient workflows.

  • User Assistant that provides an interactive guided set-up and guided simulation workflows to help you work fast and efficient.
  • Parametric Design Study that automates trade-off studies.
  • Geometry Simplification that prepares geometry for simulations on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Online dashboards to review and compare design alternatives, enabling collaborative decision-making.
Structural Mechanics Engineer User Assistant


Stay On Top Of Your Game

Scalable and Flexible
Run more time-consuming simulations on local computer or on the cloud with HPC.
Seamless Workflow
Access directly from SOLIDWORKS to work on your CAD model with changes updated to your simulation model with a few clicks
icon-252-3DEXPonCloud (1)
Easily Track and Share
Traceable revisions and easily collaborate on cloud and share data with stakeholders through a web browser to make decisions faster


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Structural Mechanics Engineer

Cloud-based simulation and high-performance computing with Abaqus solvers to solve your complex static and dynamic problems.


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Structural Mechanics Engineer

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