SolidCAM iMachining Course

SolidCAM iMachining™ is an intelligent High Speed Machining CAM software, designed to produce fast and safe CNC programs to machine mechanical parts. You will learn the commands and options necessary to complete a machining task.




1 Day


Lesson 1: iMachining Walk Through
  • Define the CAM-Part
  • Define the machine and work material parameters
  • Define the rough machining of the outside contour
  • iMachining geometry definition
    • Step down
    • Output cutting data
    • Machining level
  • Define the finish machining of the outside contour
  • Define the rough and finish machining of the center pocket
  • Define the rough and finish machining of the pocket ledge
Lesson 2: iMachining of a Bracket
  • Outside shape machining (iRough_Outside; iFinish_Outside)
  • Through pockets machining (iRough_ThroughPockets; iFinish_ThroughPockets)
  • Rough machining of angled surfaces (HSR_R_Rough_Chamfer)
  • Pocket machining (iRough_Pockets; iFinish_Pockets)
  • Finish machining of angled surfaces (HSS_PC_Lin_faces)
  • Bottom ledge machining (iRough_Face_BackLedge)
  • Cutting excess material from through hole (iRough_back_centerHole)
  • Bottom face machining (iRough_Face_Back)
  • Floor radius finishing (F_backRadius)

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SolidCAM iMachining Course

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