Enhance your design process and deliver even greater designs with combined capabilities of 2D Drafting and 3D modeling.


DraftSight - All You Need 2D CAD Software
It's for all, architects, engineers, construction service providers, professional CAD users, designers, makers, manufacturers, educators, or hobbyists, DraftSight provides the experience of intuitive 2D drafting and 3D design.Create, edit, view, and mark up all types of DWG file, and with its familiar user interface, experience the easiest and effortless transition from other CAD applications.


Leading and collaborative CAD software from the developers of SOLIDWORKS

DraftSight includes a variety of features built for drafting 2D designs

Essential 2D Drafting

Create more accurate 2D designs with all the drafting tools.


  • Fundamental elements drawing, e.g. lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses, tables, hatches, clouds
  • Use the modify tools to move, copy, rotate, mirror, pattern, scale, trim, chamfer, or split actions
  • Dimension tools for measuring and annotating the distances between objects
  • Import, create, and manager laters, blocks and external references, and output drawings to a plotter, printer, or file

Advanced 2D Drafting and APIs for Customization

Use APIs for automation and customization to expedite your production workflows

  • Eliminate manual or tedious tasks to save more time, with tools such as Drawing Compare, Power Trim, Insert Centerlines, Pattern Along a Path, Curved Text, Batch Printing, etc.
  • Image Tracer for swift conversion of raster images like floor plans and logos to vectorized line entities
  • Access to Toolbox, a fully defined library for all standard hardware (bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and pins, generate holes and callouts, create BOMs, and more)
  • Import and export all sort of file types and formats, e.g., PDF, DGN, SVG, XLS, and DSHBM (HomeByMe)

Robust 3D Design and Powerful Integrations

Comprehensive features for both 2D and 3D designing.


  • Build and design everything from essential 3D shapes to sketch-based complex 3D solids, and generate 3D surfaces
  • Expansion of your design workflow with the seamless integration of SOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
  • Specify geometric and dimensional properties with 2D constraints to control drawing entities parametrically


DraftSight Benefits

All DWG Files Formats
Create, edit, view, and mark up all formats of 2D and 3D DWG file
icon-073-increase-productivity (1)
Improve Productivity
Powerful features to allow less time to spend on drafting, design, and documentation
Customized APIs
Customize and automate using macros and APIs, and easily transition existing workflows from other applications


Explore DraftSight Modules

Don't know which to choose? Here's a module comparison for DraftSight.
DraftSight Professional

Essential Features

  • Draw Tools (Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Table, Hatch, Cloud, Block…)
  • Modify Tools (Move, Copy, Rotate, Array, Scale, Trim, Chamfer, Split…)
  • Layer, Block, Group, Print
  • Drawing Standards and Templates
  • Polyline Editing
  • Contextual Ribbon tabs
  • Discarding Duplicate Entities
  • SVG Scalable Icons for HD Displays
  • Cycling Selection Tool
  • Hairline Option for Printout
  • Layer Preview
  • Block - Redefine Base Point
  • Additional Features
  • Tolerance
  • Community Forum Support
DraftSight Premium

~All Essential Features Included

  • Create & Edit Custom Blocks
  • Surface Finish Symbol
  • Welding Symbol
  • Tolerance
  • Community Forum Support
DraftSight Enterprise

~All Essential Features Included

  • Surface Finish Symbol
  • Welding Symbol
  • Tolerance
  • Network License Option
  • Technical Support
  • Community Forum Support


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Enhance your design process and deliver even greater designs with combined capabilities of 2D Drafting and 3D modeling.

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