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Pronal Asia Manufacturing is a leading Asia-Pacific manufacturer of elastomer engineering products, which are used in the offshore, defense, aerospace, nuclear, industrial and environmental industries. The company is a part of Pronal Group, with additional operations in France, Tunisia, and the United States. Pronal companies have developed world-class expertise in the creation of products made from elastomer, plastomer, and composite materials. Pronal’s products range from fixed jacket buoyancy and grout plug products, lifting bags and parachute products for pipelines, and flexible tanks for storage and transportation, to flexible lifting bags and cushions, pipe stoppers, grippers, compensators, lifting aircraft cushions, and multiple types of custom-made products.

Pronal Asia Case Study 1

The Challenge

Examine the physical phenomena surrounding the setting of pilings for offshore fixed jacket, and to develop products that ensure the proper piling of and long performance life for these massive marine structures.

The Solution

Add SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional analysis and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium nonlinear analysis software to the company’s SOLIDWORKS design solution.

Pronal Asia Case Study 2

“Elastomer simulation tools are critically important for advancing Pronal’s capabilities. Our experience in offshore development demonstrates just how effectively Pronal can use SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium software to develop better products and grow the company globally.”

– Muhammad Irwan Nordin, Regional Project Manager

Success Metrics

  • Grew offshore business in the Asia-Pacific market by 60%
  • Pioneered the use of non-linear simulation for offshore platforms piling
  • Used simulation results to improve product performance
  • Saved customers $500,000 in daily offshore costs

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Pronal Asia Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Case Study

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