CIMCO EDIT – Empowering CNC Programming with Seamless Editing Power

NC program editing and simulation for professional CNC programmers.

SWOOD – Woodworking Leading CAD/CAM Solution

Innovative Software for Woodworking and Furniture, Seamlessly Bridging Design and Manufacturing Processes.


Collaboration is the future of design. Connect the industry-leading SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solution to a cloud-based product ...

Durability and Mechanics Engineer

Cloud-based simulation and high-performance computing with Abaqus and fe-safe solvers to quickly test products for stren...

Structural Mechanics Engineer

Cloud-based simulation and high-performance computing with Abaqus solvers to solve your complex static and dynamic probl...

Business Intelligence Helps You Excel at Manufacturing

The expertise and insight to keep things on track and deliver results, beginning with closing the performance gap in man...

Manufacturing Scheduling & Production Planning Software from DELMIAWorks

Utilise production planning and manufacturing scheduling software to consistently meet customer demands.

Sales Order Management by DELMIAWorks

A Manufacturing Traceability and Tracking Software System for a More Efficient Quote to Order Process

Swiss-Type Machining

Simple Programming for Complex Multiple Turret and Spindle Swiss-type CNC Machines

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining

Proven and Powerful Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling

Indexial Multi-Axis Machining

The Most Powerful and Easiest Definition of Coordinate Systems for Indexial 5-Axes

HSM 3D High-Speed Machining

3D Machining wiht Powerful Roughing & Finishing Tool Paths

HSS High-Speed Surfacing

SolidCAM's High Speed Surface Machining of Localized Surfaces


Produce quality inspection documentation by eliminating input errors, reduce time to market and better quality.


DraftSight that is connected to the Cloud

3D Sculptor

Easy-to-use, browser-based solution for creating organic and, complex shapes quickly.


Avoid manufacturing defects in plastic parts and injection mold designs with precise predictions.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Study critical analysis like fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces for the success of your designs


Predict real-world behaviours of your products in a virtual setting to ensure optimal product quality.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation

Bringing Scalable High-Performance Analysis Capabilities to Your Product Development Process

Simulate the Future of Engineering

Assess the performance, safety and reliability of products while advancing new innovations in a virtual environment


Repurpose existing 3D models with ease to quickly create and update high-quality graphical assets that are fully associa...


With realistic rendering and animation software, stunning visual marketing assets and content can be easily created from...

Bring Concept Design to Market Seamlessly

High-quality graphical assets, interactive 3D content, and photorealistic renders for sales, marketing and manufacturing...

RealTime Production Monitoring by DELMIAWorks

Gain unprecedented visibility and control over your manufacturing shop floor with production data

NC Shop Floor Programmer

Easily create instructions for CNC machines to manufacture parts quickly without delays or errors.

2.5D Milling

The Most Powerful & Easiest Way to create 2.5D CNC Milling Toolpaths

SolidCAM iMachining 2D & 3D

Knowledge and Experience from Hundreds of CAM & CNC Masters

SolidCAM – The Future of CAM

The complete CAM Solution, with revolutionary iMachining technology, MillTurn and Swiss-Type capabilities, all seamlessl...


Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA connects virtual and real worlds of value networks to address challenging s...


DELMIAWorks is a shop-floor-first, end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that helps mid-market manufactur...

Manufacturing and Production

Achieve operational excellence and bridge the gap between design and manufacturing with optimized manufacturing, product...


Connectivity and collaboration of your entire organization on one single platform on the cloud, enhancing innovation and...

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

Connect your existing SOLIDWORKS CAD to the cloud for increased collaboration, improved productivity and accelerated pro...

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Manage and collaborate on multi-CAD data in real time securely in a single environment on cloud.


Easily store, access, and share data in one location to take control of your design data and workflow.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Portfolio is the Next Level of SOLIDWORKS

With real-time access to the right tools, the right information, and the people, business can see an increase in collabo...

Governance and Data Management

Enhance product development through data in a secure space to collaborate, iterate, and innovate with real-time data, ac...


Electrical Design Simplified with Engineering Discipline's Tools


Design with freedom with a browser-based, 3D design and lifecycle management solution to elevate your business.


Enhance your design process and deliver even greater designs with combined capabilities of 2D Drafting and 3D modeling.

Design and Engineer the Future

Redesigning your Products and Processes with Powerful Engineering Solutions.


Powerful yet easy-to-learn product design tools that accelerates your product development process, lowers costs, and boo...


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