Avoid manufacturing defects in plastic parts and injection mold designs with precise predictions.


Simulate Plastic Parts and Injection Molds without Expensive Iterations of Physical Prototyping
SOLIDWORKS Plastics combines easy-to-use simulation with accurate predictions for analyzing plastic parts and injection molds. It makes it easy for companies that design these parts to predict and avoid manufacturing-related defects early on in the design stages, eliminating costly reworks, improving part quality, and decreasing time to market.


Intuitive Workflow and Design Advice

Simulate how plastic flows during the injection molding process to quickly evaluate part manufacturability while you design.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

Ensure plastic parts manufacturability during the design stage with SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard.

  • Easy to learn and use interface, fully embedded within SOLIDWORKS CAD.
  • Analyze and modify part designs concurrently as you optimize for form, fit, and function.
  • Have guided analysis, intelligent defaults, and automated processes to ensure correct setup.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

The SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional module builds on top of all available features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard and further expands on the capabilities for more complex plastic manufacturing operations.

  • Designed specifically for Mold Designers and Mold Makers for accurate injection mold optimization.
  • With easy-to-use tools you can quickly analyze single-and multi-cavity, and family mold layouts.
  • Including sprues, runners, and gates to estimate cycle time, and to optimize feed system design.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium allows users to access advanced simulation functionality.

  • Includes all the available features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional.
  • Analyze mold cooling line layouts and part warpage from thermal effects.
  • Optimize cooling system design to minimize cycle times and decrease manufacturing costs.


Stay On Top Of Your Game

Scrap Reduction
Minimize production scrap rates by optimizing parts at the earliest stages of product development.
icon-328-time-profit (1)
Accelerate Time-to-Market
Predict and avoid potential manufacturing defects beffore any mold tooling is cut, ensuring project deadlines and ship dates are met.
Collaborate and Report
Automated generation of reports for sharing and collaborative interpretation for development teams.


Product Module Comparison

Don't know which to choose? Here's a module comparison chart.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

Essential Features

  • Ease of Use
  • Design Data Reuse
  • Materials Database
  • Meshing
  • Parallel Computing (Multi-core)
  • Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
  • Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
  • Sink Mark Analysis
  • eDrawings Support
  • Fill Time
  • Ease of Fill
  • Results Adviser
  • Pressure at End of Fill
  • Flow Front Temperature
  • Temperature at End of Fill
  • Shear Rate
  • Cooling Time
  • Weld Lines
  • Air Traps
  • Sink Marks
  • Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
  • Clamp Force
  • Cycle Time
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

~All features in Plastics Standard included

  • Symmetry Analysis
  • Packing Phase (2nd Stage Injection)
  • Runner Balancing
  • Runner Design Wizard
  • Sprues and Runners
  • Hot and Cold Runners
  • Multi-cavity Molds
  • Family Molds
  • Mold Inserts
  • Volumetric Shrinkage
  • Density at End of Pack
  • Exports STL, NASTRAN
  • Export with Mechanical Properties ABAQUS, ANSYS, DigiMat
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

~All features in Plastics Professional included

  • Cooling Lines
  • Baffles and Bubblers
  • Conformal Cooling Channels
  • Runner Domain Category
  • Sink Mark Profiles
  • Mold Temperature at Cooling End
  • Displacement Due to Residual Stress


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Avoid manufacturing defects in plastic parts and injection mold designs with precise predictions.

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