SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Course

This course is designed to make SOLIDWORKS Simulation users productive with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional extension. This one day course will provide an in-depth coverage on the advanced topics in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) including heat transfer analysis, frequency analysis, fatigue, stability analysis based on the linear buckling concepts, 2D simulations (plane stress, strain and axisymmetry) and pressure vessel modulus. Example or parts and assemblies including those with various gap contact conditions are reviewed.



Students must have attended the introductory SOLIDWORKS Simulation course (3 days) or must have working knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation software. Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and basic mechanical engineering concepts is recommended.


2 Days


  • About This Course
  • What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation?
  • Limitations of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
Lesson 1: Frequency Analysis of Parts
  • Modal Analysis Basics
  • Case Study: The Tuning Fork
  • Frequency Analysis With Supports
  • Frequency Analysis Without Supports
  • Frequency Analysis with Load
Lesson 2: Frequency Analysis of Assemblies
  • Case Study: The Engine Mount
  • All Bonded Contact Conditions
  • Remote Mass
  • Mass Properties
  • Bonded and Allow Penetration Contacts
Lesson 3: Buckling Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Linear vs. Nonlinear Buckling Analysis
  • Buckling Factor of Safety (BFS)
  • Buckling Analysis Considerations
  • Case Study: Particle Separator
  • Project Description
Lesson 4: Load Cases
  • Objectives
  • Load Cases
  • Case Study: Scaffolding
Lesson 5: Submodeling
  • Submodeling
  • Case Study: Scaffolding
  • Part 1: Parent Study
  • Parent Load Cases in Submodeling Study
  • Part 2: Child Study
  • Selecting Components for Submodeling
  • Submodel Fixtures
Lesson 6: Topology Analysis
  • Case Study: Rear Bike Shock Link
  • Goals and Constraints
  • Manufacturing Controls
  • Mesh Effects
  • Load Cases in Topology Studies
  • Export Smoothed Mesh
Lesson 7: Thermal Analysis
  • Objectives
  • Thermal Analysis Basics
  • Case Study: Microchip Assembly
  • Project Description
  • Steady-State Thermal Analysis
  • Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Transient Analysis with Time Varying Load
  • Transient Thermal Analysis using a Thermostat
Lesson 8: Thermal Analysis with Radiation
  • Case Study: Spot Light Assembly
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Review of Analysis Parameters
  • Heat Flux Singularities
Lesson 9: Advanced Thermal Stress2D Simplification
  • Objectives
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Case Study: Metal Expansion Joint
  • Project Description
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • 3D model
  • Microchip Testing Assembly
  • Thermoelectric Cooler
Lesson 10: Fatigue Analysis
  • Fatigue
  • Stress-life (S-N) Based Fatigue
  • Case Study: Pressure Vessel
  • Thermal Study
  • Thermal Stress Study
  • Fatigue Terminology
  • Fatigue Study
  • Fatigue study with Dead Load
Lesson 11: Variable Amplitude Fatigue
  • Objectives
  • Case Study: Suspension
  • Project Description
  • Fatigue Study
Lesson 12: Drop Test Analysis
  • Drop Test Analysis
  • Case Study: Camera
  • Project Description
  • Rigid Floor Drop Test
  • Elastic Floor, Elasto-Plastic Material
  • Elasto-Plastic Material Model
  • Drop Test with Contact
Lesson 13: Optimization Analysis
  • Objectives
  • Optimization Analysis
  • Case Study: Press Frame
  • Project Description
  • Static and Frequency Analyses
  • Optimization Analysis
  • Design Study
Lesson 14: Pressure Vessel Analysis
  • Objectives
  • Case Study: Pressure Vessel
  • Membrane and Bending Stresses (Stress Linearization)
  • Pressure Vessel Analysis
  • Manhole Nozzle Flange and Cover

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Course

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