SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Nonlinear Course

This class will raise your SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA skills to the next level! It offers hands-on experience on the use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium nonlinear module. The 2-day course provides an overview on a wide range of nonlinear structural/mechanical analysis topics. You will learn how to deal with models that exhibit large displacements and/or yielding, discuss and practice the use of many material models available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and, most importantly, how to drive a non-linear analysis to successful completion.



Must have attended the basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation class, or must have an experience with SOLIDWORKS + working basic knowledge of finite elements and of basic mechanical principles.


2 Days


Lesson 1: Large Displacement Analysis
  • Case Study: Hose Clamp
  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Auxiliary Boundary Conditions
  • Geometrically Linear Analysis: Limitations
  • Nonlinear Static Study
  • Linear Static Study (Large Displacement)
Lesson 2: Incremental Control
  • Techniques
  • Incremental Control Techniques
  • Case Study: Trampoline
  • Linear Analysis
  • Membrane Structures
  • Nonlinear Analysis – Force Control
  • Nonlinear Analysis – Displacement Control
Lesson 3: Nonlinear Static Buckling Analysis
  • Case Study: Cylindrical Shell
  • Linear Buckling
  • Linear Static Study
  • Nonlinear Symmetrical Buckling
  • Nonlinear Asymmetrical Buckling
Lesson 4: Plastic Deformation
  • Case Study: Paper Clip
  • Linear Elastic
  • Nonlinear – von Mises
  • Nonlinear – Tresca’s
  • Stress Accuracy
  • Mesh Sectioning
  • Stress Analysis of a Beam
  • Using Nonlinear Elastic Material
Lesson 5: Hardening Rules
  • Hardening Rules
  • Case Study: Crank Arm
  • Isotropic Hardening
  • Kinematic Hardening
Lesson 6: Analysis of Elastomers
  • Case Study: Rubber Pipe
  • Two Constant Mooney-Rivlin (1 Material Curve)
  • Coefficient of Determination
  • 2 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (2 Material Curves)
  • 2 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (3 Material Curves)
  • 6 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (3 Material Curves)
Lesson 7: Nonlinear Interaction Analysis
  • Case Study: Rubber Tube
  • Connections
  • Interactions
  • Connectors
  • Contact Instabilities
  • Stabilization
  • Explore and Compare Stabilizing Solutions
  • Dynamic Solution
Lesson 8: Metal Forming
  • Bending
  • Case Study: Sheet Bending
  • Plane Strain
  • Large Strain Formulation Option
  • Convergence Problems
  • Automatic Stepping Problems
  • Small Strain Vs. Large Strain
  • Formulations

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Nonlinear Course

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