SOLIDWORKS Manage Course

The SOLIDWORKS Manage Course training manual is an introductory guide to help get started in this expansive software and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to include a comprehensive set of capabilities that you can use and distribute to many areas of your business. It covers topics including basic setup, routine maintenance, connecting to PDM, Document and Record objects, Users and Groups, various field types, and the Web Client. This manual is targeted at anyone getting started with SOLIDWORKS Manage, or anyone who needs a refresher on how to get started.





2 Days


Lesson 1: System Options
  • Planning for SOLIDWORKS Manage
  • System Architecture
  • Configuration File
  • Case Study: Connecting to SOLIDWORKS Manage
  • Essential Administrative Options
  • Case Study: System Options
  • Numbering Schemes
Lesson 2: Connecting to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Record Object Types
  • Requirements for Connecting
  • Case Study: Installing the Add-in
  • Creating a PDM Object
Lesson 3: Document and Record Object Types
  • Record Object
  • Permissions
  • Document Object
  • File Templates
Lesson 4: Fields and Field Groups
  • Fields
  • Organizing Fields
  • Field Groups
  • Numbering by Field Group
  • Global Variables
Lesson 5: Users and Groups
  • Importing Users
  • Group
Lesson 6: Bills of Materials
  • Bills of Materials
  • Creating Bills of Materials
Lesson 7: Backup, Restore, and Upgrade
  • Backing Up
  • Restoring the Environment
  • Upgrading SOLIDWORKS Manage
Lesson 8: The Web Interface
  • The Web Interface
  • Web Interface and PDM Objects

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SOLIDWORKS Manage Course

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