SOLIDWORKS Inspection Course

Learn the basics of working with SOLIDWORKS Inspection to automate the process of working with inspection documents. In this course, you will work with both the add-in and standalone versions of the product.





1/2 Day


Lesson 1: Add-in Application
  • Case Study: Inspection Project
  • Inspection Project Settings
  • Extraction Settings
  • Tolerance Settings
  • Project Templates
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Manager
  • Characteristic Tree
  • Balloon Locations
  • Multiple Characteristic Instances
  • Multi-line Notes
  • Export Inspection Data
  • Design Revision
  • Manual Ballooning
  • Working with 3D Part
Lesson 2: Standalone Application
  • User Interface
  • Case Study: Inspection Project
  • Project Properties
  • Extracting Characteristics
  • General Characteristics Tools
  • Table Manager
  • Grids
  • Managing Characteristics
  • Multiple Documents
  • Publishing Reports
  • Drawing Revisions
Lesson 3: SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional
  • Loading the Add-in
  • Case Study: Measurements Input
  • Measurements Entries
  • Color Coded Characteristics
  • Multiple Measurements
  • Bonus Tolerance
  • Publishing Reports With Inspection Results
  • CMM Data Import
  • Case Study: Import CMM Data

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection Course

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