SolidCAM Hands-On Workshop

Delve into the intricacies of Profiling, Drill Recognition, Pocketing, and iMachining – essential topics in the realm of CNC machining.




Date & Time

Monday, March 11
- 12:30


CADVision Systems Johor Bahru 11-10 , Austin 18, Jalan Austin Perdana 3, Taman Austin Perdana, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

What is SolidCAM?

SolidCAM has been in the market for over 37 years, and it has been taking CNC machines globally to maximum productivity. SolidCAM prides itself with its patented iMachining technology - a revolutionary milling technology that provides unmatched time savings (often over 70% in machining time), guided machine settings, increased efficiency, and incredible CNC machine performance in all CNC milling operations.

Workshop Content

  • Profiling: Master advanced profiling strategies to enhance precision in your machining operations.
  • Drill Recognition: Explore techniques for accurate drill operations, ensuring optimal results.
  • Pocketing: Learn how to optimize pocket machining for increased efficiency and superior outcomes.
  • iMachining: Discover the revolutionary iMachining technology and its potential to decrease production time by a staggering 70%.

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SolidCAM Hands-On Workshop

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