Draftsight Enterprise Installation

Two installations are required for Draftsight Enterprise:

1. Install a License Manager application on a server to host the floating licenses.

2. Install the Draftsight application on client machines which connect to the server and obtain a license.

At Server PC

1. SolidNetWork License Manager Setup
  • On your server, run the downloaded Sldim.exe file and choose Install Server Components > Install SolidNetWork License Manager.
SolidNetWork License Manager Setup - Step 1

2. Key in the 24-digit Draftsight Enterprise serial number (beginning with 0010 or 9010).

3. The next window provides information about the server. By default, communication is through TCP port 25734 though this can be changed if needed. If firewalls are present, enable the checkbox and this will also use TCP port 25735 for communication. Ensure all firewalls allow inbound and outbound traffic through TCP ports 25734 and 25735 on both the client and server machines.

SOLIDWORKS - Product Activation - Step 2

4. Once installed, launch the SolidNetWork License Manager and follow the prompts to complete the activation. When activation done, the below message will show up:

SOLIDWORKS - Product Activation Successful

On Client Machine:

1. The Draftsight installation files for client machines can be downloaded at here. The installation files are the same regardless of license type.

DraftSight - Download - Step 1
2. Draftsight Installation
  • Run the installer on each client machine. The first page will allow you to select the license type. Select SolidNetWork License (SNL).
Draftsight Installation - Step 2

3. The next page will require the port and server name that hosts the SolidNetWork License Manager. By default, the port is 25734. Enter your own server computer name.

Draftsight Installation - Port Server

4. Finally accept the license agreement and begin the installation. Once complete, opening DraftSight will look to the server for an available license. The client machines will also have a SolidNetWork License Manager Client application installed where users can access the License Usage tab to see the number of available licenses on the server.


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